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How to get Deluxe Galaga Running

Be sure to read through the Deluxe Galaga help file after reading this page.

First, what you need

Thanks to modern emulation, it is easy to play Deluxe Galaga on your PC. First, download this file:

Deluxe Galaga (AGA Preconfigured) (RAR file)

You will need an Amiga Kickstart 3.1 rom file. I cannot and will not provide this to you. The easiest way to get it is to pay the measly $20 and buy a copy of Amiga Forever from Cloanto. They are the current legal owners of the property.

Let's get this puppy working

  • Extract the RAR file to C:\DeluxeGalaga (it won't work anywhere else - if you want to reconfigure it all yourself, be my guest)
  • Put the KICK31.ROM file int the KICKSTARTS folder, NOTHING can be ZIPped.
  • To run the game in FULL SCREEN mode, double click the "Deluxe Galaga (Full Screen).bat" file.
  • To run the game in a window (may cause performance issues on slower machines), double click the "Deluxe Galaga (Windowed).bat" file.
  • Now, after a few moments - you will see a grey AMIGADOS screen and a notice that says LOADING DELUXE GALAGA ...
  • Once the game is loaded, you need only press the 'fire' button to begin play. You can also press different directions on the controller (before starting) to go to different menus to configure the game.
  • That's it! That is all you need! To get out of the game screen, press Alt-F4, orpress F12 to go to the emulator menu.
  • Within the emulator, you can configure joysticks, etc. The game as is plays with the arrow keys and right CTRL key.
  • Have fun!

Common Problems

  • I get a flickering red screen and it goes black and then red again.

    You have a bad or corrupted KICKSTART image (kickXX.ROM). Get a new one or try a different one.
  • I can move, but not fire!

    Use the ARROW keys to move and the Right CTRL key to fire.

  • During the game, how do I ....

    There is an ENTIRE area on this site to answer questions that start like this. Also try reading the docs that came with DG.