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Deluxe Galaga Glossary

Here is a full blown glossary of terms and phrases as they relate to Deluxe Galaga.

Auto-Fire: Weapon Powerup (Catch or purchase for $250). Allows continuous fire while holding down the button – or concentrated bursts by tapping the button. Occurance: Frequent.
Bonus Multiplier: Bonus (Catch or win in Memory Station). Multiplies (for a limited time) the player’s scored points for killing aliens, etc. Applies to points only – not monetary gains. Occurance: Frequent.
No Pic Boss: Alien. Appears on levels as the only enemy. Very dangerous. Very big. Very nasty.
Coins: Currancy (Catch Only) Moolah. Denero. Cash. Comes in 4 colors with varying value: grey = $10 orange=$50 green=$100 blue=$200. Occurance: Frequent.
Double Shot: Weapon Powerup (Catch or purchase for $100). Allows player to fire two side by side rounds with each press of the button. Shot speed is fast. Occurance: Frequent.
No Pic Drunk Mode: Ship Upgrade (a random bonus of the Mystery Bonus only). Causes the player’s controls to reverse temporarily. Occurance: Frequent.
E-X-T-R-A: Bonus (Catch or win in Memory Station). Catching all five letters of the word EXTRA will grant the player an extra ship. Occurance: Frequent.
Extra Bullet: Weapon Powerup (Catch or purchase for $75). Allows player to have more simultaneous bullets on the screen – weapon type dictates how many total shots the player can have on the screen. Can be upgraded several times for more effect. Occurance: Frequent.
Extra Life: Bonus (Catch or purchase for $400). Gives player an extra life. If purchased from the shop, it can be given to either player at the time of purchase. Occurance: Infrequent.
Extra Speed: Ship Powerup (Catch or purchase for $50). Increases the moving speed of player ship. Can be upgraded several times for more effect. Occurance: Frequent.
Extra Time: Bonus (Catch or win in Memory Station). If caught during game play, it gives the player longer to finish the current level before the Hurry Up Ship is released. In Memory Station, it gives the player more time to find matches. Occurance: Very infrequent.
No Pic Fire Balls: Weapon Powerup (Purchase for $750). Shoots single round giant fireballs from the player’s ship. Very fast. Very powerful.
No Pic Game Secrets: Game Element. (Purchase for $1000) Reveals secrets of the game to player. These secrets will dramatically assist in gaining more money and points as well as other incredible hidden goodies. There are 14 secrets total.
Gem Bomb: Bonus (Catch only). Destroys all smaller/weak aliens and they release tons of gems to fall to the players. Occurance: Frequent.
No Pic Hurry Up Ship: Alien. When player has remained in a single level too long, this ship travels across the top of the screen releasing semi-seeking missiles that instantly kill player. Can be killed with a decent weapon and releases a Rank Marker.
No Pic Kamakaze Level: Game Element. A level where the current ‘alien set’ sends down tight waves of aliens. Good bonus for destroying all of them.
Lazer Ship: Alien. Appears very infrequently during game play about ¾ of the way up the screen and drifts from one side to the other (one pass) occasionally shooting down a lethal lazer bolt. Maybe be possible to destroy with a high level weapon.
Memory Station: Game Element. A timed game of Concentration where a single player flips over boxes to match (and win) various bonuses, money, and points. Uncovering a Skull and Crossbones ends the mini-game. Player cannot lose a life in this mini-game. Occurance: Frequent. Close Glossary
Meteor Storm: Game Element. A mini-game that the players pass through an ever-increasing difficult meteor shower. Money boxes and point rocks are collectable during play. Should player make it through the storm, a large bonus is destowed. Player cannot lose a life in this mini-game. Two players can play this mini-game simultaneously. Occurance: Frequent.
Mirror Mode: Ship Upgrade (Catch only). This produces a mirror image of the player’s ship which fights just as the controlled ship does. It is impervious to attack. Occurance: Very Infrequent.
Money Bomb: Bonus (Catch only). Destroys all smaller/weak aliens and they release tons of various coins to fall to the players. Occurance: Infrequent.
Money Ship: Alien. Appears when a certain condition is met (see Game Secrets) and when destroyed releases about $2000 in various coins. Difficult to destroy but cannot harm the player.
Mystery Bonus: Bonus (Catch only). Gives player a random bonus – often gives a Drunk Mode bonus. Occurance: Frequent.
Quad Shot: Weapon Powerup (Catch only). Player can fire four rounds slightly spread out – straight up. Shot speed is slow. Occurance: Infrequent.
Rank Marker: Game Element. (Catch, purchase for $300, or win in Memory Station). Six various color orbs that, when all six are collected, increase the rank of the player. The higher ranked you are, the more extra points you receive at the end of the game. Occurance: Very Frequent.
Ship Armour: Ship Powerup (Catch or purchase for $600). You can own up to four of these defenses at once. They protect you from a single hit from an alien. Also grants you a second or two of invulnerability after the hit. Occurance: Infrequent.
Single Shot: Weapon Powerup (Catch and the player default). Player can fire a single round shot at a time. Shot speed is medium. Occurance: Frequent.
Skulls: Ship Upgrade (Catch only). These nasty little guys come in 3 colors; red, blue, and green. Upon catching one, the player’s ship will degrade one ‘degree’ in each improvement: weapons degrade one full level, player will lose an extra bullet, and a level of speed. But there has to be SOME reason they are there, right??? (Check the Game Secrets) Occurance: Frequent.
No Pic Sub-Boss: Alien. Larger aliens that appear in Warp Malfunctions and in lesser amounts in various levels of the game. They tend to shoot laterally so they can pick you off in the corner. Death of a sub-boss results in the dropping of a Rank Marker.
No Pic Super Weapon: Weapon Powerup (Purchase for $500). Similar to the Triple shot but more powerful of bullets. Shoots faster, too.
Thief Ship: Alien. Randomly appears during game play and takes all the money the players are carrying at the time. May be possible to destroy with high level weapon. Cannot take the player’s life.
Triple Shot: Weapon Powerup (Catch or purchase for $200). Player can fire three rounds – one straight up, and one at a 45 degree angle each way. Shot speed is slow. Occurance: Infrequent.
Warp: Bonus (as a catchable bonus) or game event. Happens throughout the game after so many levels. Takes you to the shop to purchase goods and services. Occurance: Infrequent.
No Pic Warp Malfunction: Game Element. Randomly occurs during the Warp process. Pits player against several sub-bosses. Can occur multiple times during a single Warp process.
No Pic xC: Bonus (Win in Memory Station). This grants the player an extra credit to allow one more ‘continue game’ option.
No Pic Egg Gem: Bonus (Catch only). This gem is worth $1000 and it only comes out if you kill the Laser Ship.