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An Amiga Game By Edgar M. Vigdal

Money ShipWelcome to the authorized and official web site of the incredible Amiga shareware title DELUXE GALAGA by Edgar M. Vigdal (I had absolutely nothing to do with making this game - thank Edgar for this awesome game). Now that this title can be played via emulation on the PC platform, we figured it was time to get it out in the open.

Lazer AlienThis page contains almost everything you need to get DELUXE GALAGA running on your Amiga or PC. We are sure that once you play this fantastic game, you will be as hooked as we all are!

Alien 2 BossPlease note: While we are happy to support the Amiga platform here, we are trying to get PC'er hooked on the kind of games that still to this date make the Amiga have the most spirit and soul of any computer system.

Thanks for visiting!