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  • Dragged this site into 2010 ... :)
  • Warblade is available for PC, Mac and for the iPhone (of all things).


  • Not much new - just fixed some bad images. Get over to Warblade's site and get the latest beta.


  • First off, get yer butts over to Edgar's page and check out some of the new screenshots for the PC version of Deluxe Galaga, WARBLADE. Damn, I can't wait! We also have some older screenshots and video clips here at the Official DG page.
  • Next, we've added the OFFICIAL Deluxe Galaga Docs (converted to HTML from AmigaGUIDE format) online. You might learn some useful things about the game from reading it - I sure did!


  • We've done it! We've created a version of the HARD DRIVE version of Deluxe Galaga that runs on WINFELLOW! That's right - the FULL ECS version featuring enhanced graphics and sound effects! You Win2k folks can now play the full meal deal. Get it at our downloads area!


  • Added a few items to the FAQ (namely the keys to use while playing - seems folks can't find the right CTRL key). I get one or two mails a month about it, so its added to the FAQ.
  • Good news - Deluxe Galaga seems to work fine in the latest incarnation of the WinFELLOW emulator. You Windows 2k/NT folks can finally play Deluxe Galaga. Check out my own Amiga Emulation Zone for more about this emulator and to get more games for your emulator.


  • I finally got around to adding the Hard Drive version of Deluxe Galaga for emulation under the PC. You'll have to provide your own KICKSTART, but everything (and I mean EVERYTHING) else is provided. This is the easiest way to play Deluxe Galaga on the PC.
  • The Official Deluxe Galaga Website took 5th place in the Opera Software's BEST WEB PAGE contest! Check it out here.
  • More stuff is coming soon ...


  • New additions to the site - mainly a WHAT'S NEW area, Screenshots/Media, and Deluxe Galaga PC. The latter is an area for the latest news on Deluxe Galaga for the PC (currently named WAR BLADE). We'll be adding great video clips and screen shots in the Media area - starting with a Rolling Demo (non-interactive movie) of War Blade, the PC version of Deluxe Galaga currently in development.